Like Wildfire

by Brand New Lungs

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I declare that i care now I always did I only bathe myself in sparks and kerosene I filled up my punk points I've been over the hill Boiling blood and 90's pop songs are all that makes my heart beat This whole life burns out faster than i can believe I'll burst out in flames through the atmosphere Now i don't care to show how i care and what i care for Bottoms up, cause smiling's up for all we've worked for And every spark that's still to come I’ve been bullied or deceived I've been down and out, i've been lost at sea But then i've gotten busy living fast and free It's not you stop getting hurt You just learn that you can stand the pain And then you quit putting yourself back there in the rain This whole life burns out faster than i can believe I'll burn out bright right through the atmosphere
Going Away 03:16
A shrieking sound, the reverie's gone I take a shower, down a cup and off i go The bus is full but i'm alone amongst a crowd of mindless zombies on their phones And then the minutes turn to hours And the hours turn to years And there's still four more days to go I'm going away There's just too many songs to sing, i'm getting sick of the same bridge I'm going away I want to swim all seven seas, fall asleep under the trees So I'm going away Everytime we sink Every time the world seems to be closing in on On all our hopes and dreams It's easy to forget how far the skyline is And tonight is all I have And i know these bounds are bound to break An earworm stuck in deep A 9 to 5 indifferent ballad that we endure With steel cage drums, guitars and millions of horns screaming traffic lighted, rusty jaded jams It's just not the same When I'm gone
These dirty streets can feel so cold but nowadays they feel like home the dirty corners, the city lights at night the murals by the overpass it adds some comfort to my pride i'm finding beauty where others see a stain i never wanted to stray we are home now, we're all castaways the lonely river flows aside a place that i can feel alive never thought that i would seize you from the bridges to the heights i've had the best times of my life i never thought that i could seize you well ever since the first day i could sense electricity in the air everything's moving, the city's dancing swell it may be minus hell outside but hearts are warming up the bar a dirty basement, people raising hell
Hate Me 03:40
I'm running on thin ice And i see you on the other side Quiet smile, ready to step in Why won’t you see the mess i’m in? Sunken goes your pretty little limb Hate me Why don’t you hate me I’ve done all i could why won’t you please Hate me Why don’t you hate me A know-it-all, a good for nothing Good for none, and nothing ever nice Fire hazard, burning up but still as cold as ice Eyes are cracked and throat is sore I can't take this shit anymore Why won't you see the mess i am Broken goes your pretty little limb I said i'm sorry from the start This one is gonna leave a scar It’s not on purpose i am genuinely fucking terrified
Ghost Town 03:28
Dead silence The moon glows in the sky Lonely and grey Over a town, one hundred buildings Tagged up old dive bars Empty halls and highways And I was Torn down, I was and old flyer tumbling in the cold september wind You came around Picked me up from the ground and You shook off all the dust and let me see the sun rise over town In this ghost town But then it changed Flowers sprout through cracks in broken concrete A lifetime lost in curtain calls, in empty stalls and solid walls The sun came up, I soaked it up It's a new day let me fly a little more before i wake up this feels like something i would dream of the sun feels so good on my bare bones
And it's a good time to make some bad decisions Clean livers, filthy dispositions We need a good excuse And we need some time Our hearts beat the same fast songs We've had a bad taste for way too long We've got the best excuse to see stars and concrete lines pass Beer cans and scream our black lungs out Greatest excuse, greatest excuse To waste away our lives Greatest excuse, greatest excuse For smiles and high-fives Greatest excuse, greatest excuse To waste away our lives I've got the greatest excuse to waste away with all my friends Singing here we go again As times pass, as jobs take time We gotta scream, scream just to feel alive Desperation, inspiration Desperation, my god it's sickening I gotta scream to feel alive All my friends, now this is all i see The greatest excuse to see everything
I remember the world from my young eyes The perfect storms and endless skies Stairways and broken boards at night The tape deck gods were all my life What's wrong and what is right Never give in, never get shut down Full circles and declines Lives away from taxes and cash downs A lonely heart beating still so stained With all these lines, with all these thoughts You gotta never settle down, never sell out Never stop screaming, never stop fighting it out What's wrong and what is right What's settling down and what is selling out What's wrong with feeling fine What's wrong with finding love in what you are But then i see gusts of wind come through the trees A perfect storm forming right in front of me I thought that i'd seen all there was to see But now i'll give you mighty wings to soar over the seas
In Circles 04:20
Keep going in circles Keep going in circles every day Racing in your own head Going fast in circles, back at me And it's on and on constantly You're old and jaded You’re fabricated You're down at 25 You're sleepwalking on the tightrope you spun Would it not be closed i'd see the terror in the little thing that once was called your mind Keep going in circles Keep going in circles every day It's witches, forks and torches Just to forget your own disarray And it's on and on constantly
It’s not over This whole life, everything i’ve known Boils down to one dotted line It’s not over Bodies of mere transportation We barely scratch the disc of life and Everything we do is just a stupid fucking line Lies and differences of race Why would we believe them? There's no god, nothing more to do Without all the time we’ve wasted Would you believe it We’d be so close to the truth It's not o-
Last week i heard a song we used to sing It brought me back to a time when we were sixteen and had nothing to lose Now we’ve gone and found our own ways It felt weird to think about the times we had, and how i miss them all Do you remember that time when we almost caused a wildfire? Or when we broke the attic window of my grumpy neighbor? How dumb could we be we thought that These times they would last forever Hey old friend What's going on So many years apart and nothing’s changed at all Hey old friend Found your number, gave you a phone call We met at the old bar where we used to wear out our fake cards And we remembered all of our crazy stupid stories and all the fun we had We talked about our jobs, nothing fancy just small talk And ran out of words Hey old friend What's going on So many years apart, nothing’s the same at all Hey old friend The kids, the job, the friends you have Tell me who the hell did you become Are you a stranger on the street Or someone that i once had called my brother I do know where you came from We have shared the same blood As time went by we grew apart Hey old friend I'm glad you do well You’ll always have your place in the stories i will tell Hey old friend
Better Days 04:45
And so I woke up to the smell of ash and dirt and burning clothes Struck in the heart A heart that's as cold as coal Broke down I had nowhere to go A place so cold and distant Broke down I had nowhere to go Just free fall Anchors aweigh Life starts today All the dollars in the world can't warm your heart And so i woke up to the sound of cracking walls and my life plans, all burning down I've been lost in all i've been And as the tiny specs of dust slowly float into the quiet rays of the sun Over the ashes of what once was all i had to lose Just keep hope for better days When all is turned upside down


released June 14, 2019

Produced by Fred Normand and Brand New Lungs
Recorded and Mixed by Fred Normand @Tender Tender Studios
Mastered by Alan Douches @West West Side Music
Cover collage by L-C Berthiaume, doodles by Hex Aunzo
Released in partnership with Thousand Island Records


all rights reserved



Brand New Lungs Montreal, Québec

Brand New Lungs are four dudes from Montreal, Canada using a punk rock band as an excuse to drink beer and have fun.
So come to a show, drink beer and singalong!

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